FBFC Youth Camp Scholarship Program

FBFC Youth Camp Scholarship Program

The FBFC is dedicated to investing in the lives of our young girls and boys; therefore every year we offer full scholarships and mentoring for all of our programs to low income families from underrepresented groups in the Wayne County, MI area. A limited number of camp scholarships are offered annually beginning January 1 of every year. Completing application does not guarantee a scholarship and scholarships must be renewed annually. Eligible applicants will be confirmed, contacted and awarded scholarships beginning February 14. Thank you for applying.

The Fred Bohannon Football Camp and Peoples Community Church is committed to nondiscrimination on the basis of disability in all county programs, services and activities.

Consent to Exchange Information

CONSENT TO EXCHANGE INFORMATION: I understand that information may be needed to verify eligibility for this program and to coordinate services with other agencies; therefore, I agree that agencies may share my child’s information. I certify that the information supplied is true and correct and that FBFC staff have my permission to verify the information on this application. I understand that my child’s participation in this program requires a commitment to attend a minimum of 80% of the scheduled sessions, to participate in all fundraising activities,and to attend church on a weekly basis(Either at People’s or their own home church).
REQUEST FOR FEE WAIVER: My child is currently enrolled in a public assistance program such as Free or Reduced Lunch, ADC, Foster Care, or Medicaid. I request a fee waiver for the Youth Camp Scholarship Program and give my permission for the Department of Family Services to release information verifying my eligibility. I understand that I must submit proof that I am receiving services.
MICHIGAN FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT I understand that my child’s registration information is public record and, as such, may be released under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act unless I specifically request that this information not be released; therefore:

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